Alberto Parmigiani

Alberto Parmigiani is a virtuoso rhythm player, musician, singing bowls master, a social activist and a great friend of Nepal. 


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As Drummer, Alberto offer more than 40 years’ experience, knowledge and professionality, as well Tours, Live Studio and Drum Tech experiences as player and seven years Learning with many International Famous drummers. He is also developer of innovations apply on some Drums Productions.


As a percussionist, Alberto offer an experience of Original Rhythm as well played in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil and more. He teach and play since many years in different European Countries.

Singing Bowl Master

Alberto is since 20 years Singing Bowls Master, his knowledge and learning from his Masters and Friends, the Experience all over the World made Alberto a very Famous Name all Worldwide. Actually he Teach and is invited for Master class and Conference in Europe Countries like Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and Spain…as well in Asia Countries like Nepal, China, Singapore and Taiwan…

Social worker

Alberto since 2003 is active social Worker in different self-developed Projects in Nepal, he provide that all the donation money goes, taking by himself, to destination and goes 2 times in year to Nepal to Inaugurate the actually projects that going to finish and check the possibility for new future Projects.

Curriculum Vitae

Alberto Parmigiani Drummer, Singing Bowl Sound Therapist Alberto Parmigiani is a virtuoso rhythm player, musician, a Singing Bowl sound therapist, and a great friend of Nepal. He was born in the renaissance city of Milan in Italy and grew up among the finest European art and cultural heritage. Bright and talented, romantic and adventurous, a dreamer and a change maker - Alberto brought new flare of sound and rhythm elements in the Italian music scene at an early age. Alberto moved to Germany in the early 1990s.

Since then he has earned much accolade and fame in rock and samba music world with numerous music albums, live shows, and workshops to add to his credential; not to forget the fourth position he achieved in the Battle of the Band '95 from among 100 tough competitors.

In 2002, Alberto set out on a spiritual and self-transforming journey to the remote regions in Nepal and Tibet. During this time he took his first Singing Bowl lessons from number of masters including his first teacher Santa Ratna Shakya who went on to become his good friend of many years. Alberto soon realised the potential of the Singing Bowl in bringing positive change in people's lives. He blended his artistic insight to the spiritual and healing aspect of the Singing Bowl and set out on a mission to spread positive energy through therapy and concerts with it. He began by opening a Singing Bowl studio, Klangact, in Germany. Soon after he started making numerous workshops and live concerts in Europe with the Nepali singing bowl maestros Santa Ratna Shakya and Shree Krishna Shahi under their name 'Son of Light'. Together they recorded the music album 'Bhaugolic Awaz' followed by 'Dhyana'.

In 2005, Alberto with his two Nepali friends initiated a social initiative under the name of Son of Light to gather help in educating needy and orphan children in Nepal.

In 2015/16 Alberto organised the 'We Rock for Nepal' concerts in Germany to raise funds for the earthquake victims in Nepal. Currently Alberto teaches at his own drums and percussion school in Herzogenaurach, Germany and travels to places drumming life back into the world and adding soul to it through the singing bowl sound and vibrations.

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