Alberto Parmigiani as career Drummer

Alberto Parmigiani started playing drums since he received it as a Christmas present at the age of eleven, but his passion for the instrument had already been in his blood since he was a child when his parents at the age of three or four years they put a cardboard battery in his hand. Accustomed to playing the pots and lids in the pastry laboratory of father Roberto, the little Alberto, who tried to beat with his wooden spoons, after two minutes that showed off the gift, the cardboard battery was totally destroyed! Growing up with age, where there was the way to drum, Alberto found the way to always go the arms and wrists.

First, as mentioned, Pots and lids, then on round detergent drums with plastic lid, until using the tambourines to play tennis type. He had found a way to adapt them to the foot of the bed through leather handles mounted on the tambourines. At the table then, if the eating was slow to arrive, Alberto could not help but use cutlery as chopsticks and plates and glasses to make rhythmic-melodic phrases.

Arrived then at school, on the school books, he was not studying, but with his hands or with strips of plastic to assemble sheets din A 4, he was playing! So much so that in a few weeks the books were really badly tanned. Above all the larger books, those with many pages, having the thicker cover of other books, those were held together by tense film, adhesive tape, glued from 'inside, but did not arrive at the end of the year!

At the age of eight, fed up with having to play the flute in music at school and at home, using it as a wand! Alberto discovers the brother Maurizio's guitar, 4 years older than him and buying a booklet unbeknownst to Mom Fulvia, for 1.000 Lire (equivalent to one Euro), as self-taught Alberto learns to play it. Guitarists in 24 hours was the title of the booklet! At the age of nine, then, not giving up the chance to play a drum in the absence of the battery itself, Alberto went, always unbeknownst to his mother, to UPIM a chain of shops selling clothes, household items and two months before Christmas, Keyboards of Bontempi! So Alberto spent hours and hours strumming the keyboards and programming the rhythmic bases and automatic chords, sometimes having formed a series of small groups of curious, assisting the developing made during the days.

At the age of ten, Alberto discovers the Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep, and spends whole afternoons playing the drums in the air! Then finally the most beautiful gift of his life! A third hand Hollywood Drums! With the veins of mother-of-pearl similar that of Ringo Starr! From that moment on, nobody can stop him anymore! Mum, not only does not know how to study in school books, but must pull it away from the drumseat for lunch and dinner!

In 3 months Alberto is able to play and in the youth center that has frequented many of the recreational activities for many years, the organist of the church invites him to play and create a show for children between the ages of six and fourteen. Alberto accepts and therefore he knows the musicians who will then face that musical path, as a debut for the development of the whole musical career.

After the first show, Alberto will invited by the same organist, to record an LP first in studio then for present and play Live a big event of 5,000 boys in Brescia, in honor of the Anniversary of Father Ludovico Pavoni a priest who has dedicated his whole life to founding a school to teach poor boys the work of typographer.. Alberto therefore finds more and more spaces to play and experience the instrument.

With age of 14 years form the first band, playing Hard Rock and then Heavy Metal under the name of HIDE RAW. The the rest can be read in the release on the main page.

You can learn Drums in his private Drums & Percussion school in Herzogenaurach. He Teach with the American Drums School Method used by the most renowned schools.


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