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Hand Pan

After 10 years of waiting, an angel appeared on my path, he built my dream instrument because immediately he believed in me and my possibilities.
The instrument for me that perfectly complements my musicality like a second skin.

Dedicated to all Victims of COVID-19

New CD in february 2021

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Dies ist die erste Hand Pan CD von Alberto Parmigiani, die das Ergebnis verschiedener Inspirationen ist, die aus Erfahrungen an natürlichen Orten stammen, insbesondere aus Reisen nach Asien, wie der Pilgerweg zum "heiligen" Berg Mt. Kailash in Tibet oder den verschiedenen Ausflügen in den Himalaya in Nepal und Meditative Erlebnisse und verschiedene Workshops in Lijang im Süden Chinas ... aber auch Eindrücke von Momenten in Kontakt mit Meer, Flüssen, Seen, Bergen und Wäldern.
Technisch wird die CD in einfacher Form abgespielt und zielt auf eine Form der Entspannung und des inneren Friedens ab, indem dem Hörer die Gefühle vermittelt werden, mit denen die Lieder inspiriert wurden. Die CD eignet sich sehr gut als Hintergrund für Meditation, Yoga oder Moderationen von Videos und mehr.
„Crystal Feelings“ ist die Transparenz von Gefühlen, die in den Noten der Hand Pan in sanfter und sanfter Form direkt in das Herz des Hörers eindringen und das Tiefe der Seele berühren. 



Die zweite Hand Pan-CD von Alberto Parmigiani ist technisch anspruchsvoller und mit Overdoubs von mehr Hand Pans ausgestattet.
Subtile Hintergründe, die durch Keyboardseffekte erzeugt werden, helfen sofort, den Hörer mit dem Songtitel und dem "Gefühl" zu verbinden, von dem Alberto inspiriert wurde. "Helligkeitsinfraschall" eignet sich auch für die Zwecke der ersten CD "Crystal Feelings", ist aber gezielter, um auf jeden Energiepunkt einzuwirken: die "Chackras"... tatsächlich hat jeder Song eine Melodie und ein Set von Freuquenzen und noten, dass in Kombination mit Rhythmus und Geschwindigkeit einer der Energiepunkte stimuliert wird, wodurch verschiedene wohltuende und warum nicht, auch heilende Wirkungen erzeugt werden.
Der CD, dem Musiker, dem Komponisten und dem Autor beigefügt, wollte eine Mini-Höranleitung beifügen, die nur drei oder vier wichtige Adjektive enthält, die mit jedem Titel verbunden werden können, um den Hörer noch besser auf die Songs abzustimmen.


Book - The First Hand Pan steps by Alberto Parmigiani


Book - Pan Act School by Alberto Parmigiani

The handpan is my new dimension, the harmonious combination of fiery rhythm, fruit of 40 years of experience with drums and meditative spirituality, which has grown over the past 20 years with the Tibetan singing bowls experiences. The melodies and rhythms merge into meditative passages that touch and open the hearts of the listeners.



             „When I play Hand Pan it seems Sky and Earth meet together, without realizing
             I still sit on the ground, the feeling is as I floating in the air.
             This ist he Magic that transmite this fantastic Instrument giving
             heavenly sounds.“
             That is what you can reach playing Hand Pan
             In the Informations Workshop you learn to know the important things
             how to recognize a very good Hand Pan, how it is made, how is called the Hand Pan parts, the Hystory
             and the basic techniques for playing the instrument. (1Hour)
             In the Basic Workshop will be practice on the Instrument the Basic Techniques, will be approached the
             Elemental Rhythm excercises, a small introduction about notes and applications, some exercises
             To Developed speed and strokes, how to composing your own songs…(2 Hours)


Our goal is to be able to procure at an honest price the best hand-made Hand Pans and hammered perfectly to guarantee a pure sound and a tight tuning. The Hand Pans we offer are taken care of and guaranteed by the manufacturer, we also offer a free maintenance service and revision interventions should this be necessary.


By appointment or every Saturday, the opportunity is given through a Workshop to learn about the Hand Pans what care must be taken to buy a Hand Pan and how to keep the Hand Pan cured in order to have an instrument always at its best and avoid problems of various kinds.


In addition to selling Hand Pans we pay attention to offer everything you need to keep and care for the hand pan. In fact, we recommend for those who carry the instrument a soft case hand-sewn, robust and resistant to shocks, humidity and excessive changes in temperature. We have also developed a protective oil made with seven 100% Organic Oils and Essences. Not only does it protect the instrument, but it is also very good for our hands. In addition to this we have cushions to make the performance easier and provide an open sound and improve the sound quality. At last, we have also small decorative piping to apply at the edge of the instrument.

Single Classes

We offer different types of lessons. The themes are different, from basic Techniques, to the first compositions and then to Advanced Techniques, Rhythm different from the standard ones and rhythmic applications deriving from different music styles to give the performances a more incisive and decisive touch. The student can choose to attend our Hand Pan school by receiving individual lessons and deciding to attend regularly every week, or to do an intensive internship at the weekend, choosing crash courses of 4 or 8 even 12 hours.

Group Courses

Starting from four people you can attend the workshops or courses to define together the duration and the period.


In the Information Workshop you learn to know the important things
how to recognize a very good Hand Pan, how it is made, how are called the Hand Pan parts, the Hystory and approach to the basic techniques for playing the instrument. (1Hour) 

Basic Workshop

In the Basic Workshop will be practice on the Instrument the Basic Techniques, will be approached the elemental rhythm excercises, a small introduction about notes and applications, some exercises to developed speed and strokes, how to composing your own songs. (2 Hours)


Workshops can be attended at weekends exclusively for those coming from far away. In these Workshops you can buy a Hand Pan, possibly with Soft Case, Maintenance Oil, Free Service Guarantee and Workshop of 4 - 8 or 12 hours.

After Workshop you can have the possibility to assist the Hand Pan Concert
A Solo concert from Alberto Parmigiani Hand Pans
under the Motto „Crystal Feelings“.
Through the Mystic sounds and Meditative Athmosphere
the Audience will be taken to inner peace
and spirituality, the compositions will touch the heart of the listener.
The different Rhythm will give energy, vitality and beat of life
from different influences like African Samba, Afro Cuban and Latin Rhythm.
After Concert you can also take home the „Crystal Feelings“ CD 

  1. After Tuning- It could happen for different reasons that your Hand Pan needs a revision or post tuning. With our Service we offer this possibility free of charge, in urgent cases if the Hand Pan is to be sent, the owner will only have to pay the return shipping costs.
  2. Maintaining - As far as maintenance is concerned, there are no problems, it will be enough to make an appointment and bring the Hand Pan to our center.


For different types of events you can book a live performance, in the context you want ... a party, an exhibition, a birthday, wedding and more.
Also, a particular Workshop, or entertainment for kindergartens or schools or special evening for companies, yoga studios or in a church. 


Hand pan concerts can have different durations, depending on the type of evening and audience. They can be reserved and booked as a simple performance or as a real show. Depending on the location, you can decide whether to have natural acoustics or to use a sound system (P.A).

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